Объявлен город, в котором пройдёт «Евровидение-2017″

The European broadcasting Union and national television company of Ukraine has finally determined which city will host the next Eurovision song contest “Eurovision”.

The capital of Ukraine – Kyiv city – will once again take the music festival of Europe. As you know, for the right to host “Eurovision-2017” fought several Ukrainian cities, including Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro, Kharkiv. But the choice of the Commission still fell on the city, which is currently more than the rest prepared for such events.

“After a thorough selection process, we are very pleased to announce that the national television company of Ukraine has chosen Kyiv as a host city for Eurovision-2017”, — said the supervisor of Eurovision young Ula Sann. We look forward to work together to create the most incredible show in may.

We will remind, yesterday in mass media there was information that if before the 1st of October, Ukraine is not the right venue, the right to host the contest go Russia.