Snatkina and Vasiliev built a cinema in a country mansion

Снаткина и Васильев построили кинотеатр в загородном особняке The actors got a luxurious area for relaxation. Victor Vasiliev has promised to invite all friends to watch on the big screen of the matches of the world Cup. A running area in a great peaceful area for family, artists have turned specialists of “Perfect repair”.
Снаткина и Васильев построили кинотеатр в загородном особняке

Anna Snatkina and Viktor Vasilyev, the project team is “Perfect repair” has resulted in a fine kitchen-living room in their mansion in the suburbs in the winter of 2016. Specialists have raised the bar for acting couples that they are now themselves doing the repair, but such that it matches the level specified professional team.

Improvement is slow, because Alice and Bob are very busy persons, besides the parents of the little daughter. On the elevation of the land around the house the couple has neither the time nor the energy. So the “Perfect repair” rushed to the aid of their former heroes. Anna Snatkina and Victor Vasiliev were asked to build a Playground adjacent to a side and remote part of the house.

Снаткина и Васильев построили кинотеатр в загородном особняке

“I would like to see here are Botanical gardens” – expressed his wish Natasha Barbier Victor Vasiliev. “I dream of a chill out area, – said Anna Snatkina. – As we have white wall of the house, we would like more and in the evenings to watch the movie.”

The designers decided that turning this part of the site in a useful and elegant territory.

Work began with digging trenches for electric wires according to the authors around the pad will be light. Area to chill, it was decided to cover the decking, but first it made a concrete base.

Снаткина и Васильев построили кинотеатр в загородном особняке

Around court experts rolled out the turf. Close planted arborvitae varieties Brabant, they grow up to four meters, unpretentious and create a perfect hedge. They have one task – to protect the site from prying eyes, as if to separate it from the neighbors.

The perimeter of a platform mounted lights that turn on and off from home. Area very comfortable for watching movies with a big company, it was a summer cinema. Projector for him, Victor Vasiliev chooses. By the way, in the case of home star pair, they may not need a special screen on the wall of the house is good enough to watch a movie directly on it.

In the Chillout area put comfortable sofas from eco-friendly rattan, and in the center – a center designed by the designer.

Снаткина и Васильев построили кинотеатр в загородном особняке

Adorned platform high pots with ass petunias with automatic irrigation system. On the lawn near the chill out zone put the sun loungers. Make the work of designers came one Victor Vasiliev and Anna Snatkina went on a business trip abroad.

“Is this all ours? – said Vasilyev. Oh my, its all simple, stylish, beautiful and appropriate”.