Участницу «Дома-2» Ольгу Рапунцель поздравляют с беременностью Dmitry Dmitrenko gave to understand that will soon become a dad. Couple a week ago who played the wedding, waiting for replenishment. The couple said that incredibly happy, and tirelessly recognized each other in love.
Участницу «Дома-2» Ольгу Рапунцель поздравляют с беременностью

Participant of “House-2” Olga Rapunzel, which a week ago became the lawful wife of her lover Dmitry Dmitrenko, apparently, will soon become a mother. At least, so I interpreted the post in Instagram new husband fans of the pair. Dmitry has posted some wedding photos, which hinted at the pregnancy of his wife.

“We got married. Family is the most important thing in the world. We are a family! This is our Day of Love and the Happiest Day. My beloved wife Olga Rapunzel, we’re all only begins! The best in the world the cargo is in the belly of toddler,” wrote Dmitri Dmitrenko.

Members of a participant of the reality show immediately began to congratulate the couple with two events – the day of the wedding and a possible pregnancy Olga.

“Karapuz? Are you pregnant? Congratulations!”, “Well done, guys. I’m happy for you”, “You are beautiful! Huge happiness to you and the kids soon”, “Hooray, Hooray, congratulations, Dima!”, “I congratulate you! Be happy”, “Dima slept, so you beremennaja already. Congratulations, if so,” write to the followers Dimitrenko under his post is a hint.

It should be noted that the pair just before beginning to actively post in his microblog pictures from the wedding, which took place on 17 June. For each photo Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko write that they are incredibly happy. Newlyweds tirelessly to recognize each other in the most sincere feelings and give the pledge of allegiance.

In the most beautiful and romantic day of your life Olga Rapunzel wanted to be a real Princess. Participant of “House-2” has chosen a dress with a train, open back and bow jewelry from the crystals, which made Jamal Makhmudov. Fans of the bride was surprised, because the cost of the dress was 500 thousand rubles. Tiara of rhinestone Rapunzel ordered, the designer who created this accessory for Sergey Zverev. Olga Rapunzel is going to throw a wedding for three million

Banquet in honor of the wedding took place in one of capital restaurants. The menu was dominated by fish and seafood. After dinner, the couple went to one of the five star hotels where they had planned the wedding night.