Slimming Khloe Kardashian may damage the health of women

Процедура похудения Хлои Кардашьян может повредить здоровье женщин

Experts from cosmetic warn fans of the Khloe Kardashian not to follow the example of the reality star, who in a short time lost a lot of weight. The reason for the sudden departure of excess weight was not only sport and diet, but cryolipolysis – a non-invasive procedure, during which fat is burned using very low temperatures. It allows you to lose weight fast without going under the surgeon’s knife.

Cosmetic procedure is widely advertised online as “CoolSculpting”, can lead to worsening health, namely the increase in the mass of subcutaneous fat. Experts warn women against the mindless following of fashion on this weight loss.
“This is a rare phenomenon, yet it is the place to be. As a rule, this procedure has good results and it can be considered a great alternative to liposuction,” says Dr. Robert Rey, whose cosmetics company is now hard advance in the United States. If paradoxical adipose hyperplasia does occur, it is, says the doctor, you can remove the standard liposuction.