Jennifer Lopez will be Rosie in the TV version of “bye Bye birdie!”

Дженнифер Лопес станет Рози в телеверсии «Пока, пташка!»

Jennifer Lopez – a very active figure not only of show business but also the film industry. The actress likes to appear on the screen, and after the series “Shades of blue” found a new project.

Lopez personally volunteered to take part in the TV version of the musical “bye Bye birdie!”. As said the representative of the NBC, Jennifer came to him and expressed the desire to become part of his favorite musical.

As reported byHollywood Reporter, she got the main role of Rosie, which in the original Broadway production in 1960 was played by Chita Rivera

Writing a script of this play the author was inspired by the departure of Elvis Presley into the army.

The main character was a singer Conrad birdie (aka a bird), which is also, unfortunately millions of his fans, call in the army.

At this time, the hapless songwriter and producer albert Peterson writes for the birdie song “One Last Kiss”, and the news that he has left the scene, his not a little frustrating. Together with his girlfriend and Secretary Rosie they come up with a cunning plan: to make Conrad a farewell concert where he will sing their song and in television kiss “randomly” selected a girl. In case of success of the venture albert and Rosie will finally be able to get married. But to implement this plan is not so easy.

The author of the TV version of “bye Bye birdie!” appointed Harvey Firshtein.

On small screens the body-the musical will be presented on Christmas eve of 2017.