Slepakov trying to win the love of fans Buzova

Слепаков пытается завоевать любовь поклонников Бузовой The comedian devoted a presenter poetry. However, some fans of Olga Buzova decided that the artist had insulted her. Among the followers dispute broke out – why a man thus replied to one of the last posts of the artist.

Not so long ago Olga Buzova, Semyon Slepakov, Ksenia Borodina and Garik Martirosyan took part in the filming of the Comedy programs “Where is the logic?”. After the program the guests along with the leading Azamat by Musagalieva decided to make a photo for memory, which Buzova published in the microblog. It was accompanied by the comment, which indicated that Slepakov registered in the social network.

“Today was a real Battle of the Titans TNT. Sponsor poses – Olga Buzova. By the way, the Seeds finally got “Instagram”, it is, as you can see, is in step with the times. Sam, welcome,” wrote the presenter.

As it turned out, this publication was flattered by the well-known humorist. He jokingly talked about the excitement around the publication.

“Yesterday was photographed with Olga Buzova, and she pointed me in your Instagram. On my account, immediately began to sign up people. A wrote: “Simon! You can see how much you have new subscribers? This is because you said Buzova! You know what happened in your life?! Do you realize the extent of his luck?” Understand. Realize”, – said the artist.

Slepakov even dedicated a poem, the creation of which was inspired by a meeting with Buzova. He jokingly beat the excitement caused by the after the publications of the page of the presenter, which has almost 11 million subscribers.

I was like shit on the frame
Like a car without a body
And here’s me on Instagram
Said Olga Buzova!
Remember how I was embarrassed
I’m going to be a heavy burden
And pronounce afraid
The words “mark me, Buzova!”
But I have overcome doubt
Decided to die, so with music!
Ten seconds of humiliation,
I noted Buzova!
What I did, my friends,
Not sorry at all
All life changes at once,
When you said Olga.
It’s like changing the format
How to touch the Holy relics,
As on the palms of the stigmata,
As praise from a mother-in-law,
It’s as if the Bulk
On dnyuhu would call Putin
It slightly sucks,
But still nice to horror.
Direct your covered Breasts
The students of the Russian Universities,
That’s what happens with lyudyami
Which said Buzova
Come home – wife
Holiday made dinner!
Know already she –
Joy happened to her husband,
It would seem that Buzova – Baba
But jealousy is not a gram,
My wife understands – it is necessary
Husband to instagram.
Jumps and laughs,
Kisses bald crown,
And even wants to have sex,
For the first time in a long time.
The policeman stopped,
But strictly said partner:
Petrovich, what are you, a moron?
Said His guy!
In the restaurant “Tanuki”
The rolls were given free,
But before the money, bitches,
Though I cried that the star I am.
I am grateful Buzova,
But all-taki Olga – stupid
And it’s terrible
Hair, face and figure.
For sharpness I’m sorry, Olga,
I wanted to attract attention,
To be noted
In your awesome instagram
And you’re a beautiful woman,
And your hairdo in order,
All this for hype
Hype on and for.

These reflections Slepakova has caused a strong reaction in the Network. Some did not appreciate the humor seeds and found that in this poem he humiliated their idol. “Simon gives, of course. Laughter laughter, and the man should remain a man”, “Why is Simon so mean you, Olga, and all this for the eyes! When the program was removed, so brave wasn’t it?”, “It seems to me that some “colleagues” direct tears of envy. Ol, do not pay anyone anything attention, we are with you! Sometimes, reading all sorts of nastiness in your address, direct feel human bile and a huge desire to knock you off your intended path. Way to go, if you like a tank, just go for it. I wish you the best of luck. Hurrah!” – wrote followers.

However, some of them hastened to defend Slepakova. They do not doubt that Buzova did not resent him for similar things. “I’m sure that Simon Olga and I communicate well. There is nothing offensive in the poem, there is, as far as possible relationship. Judging by the photos, a friendly relationship. So don’t be impressed, girls, Normal verse! With jokes! In Olin address bad, on the contrary! You people are some dumb. Or a sense of humor problem,” “What is a “great sense of humor”? In the human incarnation is the artist. All to the point and in moderation, nor subtract or add! Well, in rhyme, of course,” wrote fans of comedian.