Fans of Selena Gomez fear that she is forever lost voice

Фанаты Шакиры боятся, что она навсегда потеряла голос
The singer was forced to cancel as many as 5 concerts.

Фанаты Шакиры боятся, что она навсегда потеряла голос



The news that 4 more of the concert, the singer was
canceled due to the fact that her vocal cords are in poor condition,
scared of her fans. They fear that 40-year-old Shakira, who, reportedly broke up recently with her boyfriend and father of her children, Gerard Pique, might permanently lose the ability

It all started with the fact that she was forced
to abandon his concert in Cologne in early November. It was the first
concert of her tour, Shakira was terribly disappointed that the first
her show failed. The singer found it necessary to apologize about the cancellation
the concert, writing the whole letter: “I want to tell my German fans:
one of the recent rehearsals, I’ve got to go and, unfortunately, damaged
the vocal chords. My doctor forbade me to sing in the near future to
to aggravate the injury, which made my future presentations.
I’m terribly upset that I had to cancel the show in Cologne. I love my
fans from this city and, hopefully, still be able with them later to see. I
forced to follow the advice of the physician to be able to recover and
to speak subsequently with full dedication. Otherwise, I can disrupt
the entire tour. Now we — I and my team are developing a new concert schedule. And
we will announce the new dates of the performances as soon as I feel better.
I really hope that I will be able to give the following scheduled concert in

Alas, hope Shakira is not justified. Her
had to cancel not one, but two shows in Paris, and then another two in
Antwerp and Amsterdam. The doctors strictly forbade her to sing in the near future
time, warning that, otherwise, she may forever lose her voice.
“I’m doing everything to recover! I was so hoping to get in shape for
concerts in Paris… Alas, this proved impossible. The doctor ordered another
some time to refrain from stress on the vocal cords…”
Shakira. How long the singer still can’t sing, is unknown.

Shakira with Gerard Pique and children