Sisters Zaytsev retorted Alexander Serov for his insults

Сестры Зайцевы резко ответили Александру Серову на его оскорбления Artist statement outraged colleagues. According to Tatiana, Alexander Serov did not like a man, hinting at the fact that twins always goes wrong personal life. Singer advised him to think about his behavior.
Сестры Зайцевы резко ответили Александру Серову на его оскорбления

Released the program “actually”, in which singer Alexander Serov passed check on the lie detector, caused a lot of talk in the world of show business. The fact that the actor brought to the agenda the discussion of not only his ex-wife Elena, but colleagues – sisters Zaitsevs, which has always been in friendly relations. However, in the transmission Serov spoke about blondes not flattering, wronged old friends.

“I live not seen, admits “StarHit” Tatiana Zaitseva. – But immediately after its release, me and Lena began to call friends and the media – say, have you seen the program with Serov? He’s out there about you says so… it Turns out that Alexander, denouncing the last words of his wife, who has a twin sister, somehow dragged us with Lena, saying that all the twins is not got love life, and my husband Nick has long been divorced. Not ashamed to bear such nonsense, when we are 22 years married, married…”
Сестры Зайцевы резко ответили Александру Серову на его оскорбления

Zaytsev sisters are outraged by the behavior of Serov and I think that he should apologize for what was said. “What a habit is when the very bad to say bad things about others? – Tatiana is outraged. – We have about him bad words never said, always perfectly communicated – so many years in show business side by side worked… somehow it’s not manly. And we want to protect ourselves! And he thinks we are harmless, cute… and, friends, we even called leverets, but when that’s the case, we will protect our family! We Nick a very happy couple and we will not allow to pour for the family this dirt! Thank you Gribulina, our friend, which the program has stood up for us, Osella Serov. Fans on Facebook wrote us that she was protecting us. And you, Sasha, I want to say – not knowing the family situation, there is nothing to open your mouth. Moreover, Lena’s first husband recently buried – why would they target people when they this happens? Yes, and his ex-wife Lena, he slanders in vain – we know her, she’s a wonderful person. I think Serov to consider: if everything around is bad, maybe it is not in others and in himself?”

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