Sister Semenova exposed the deception Shepeleva and Shurygino

Сестра Семенова разоблачила обман Шепелева и Шурыгиной Catherine commented after the broadcast of the program “really”. Two programs were devoted to rape Diana Shurygina Sergey Semenov. A relative of the accused outraged that the victim, in her opinion, was completely insincere in their confessions.
Сестра Семенова разоблачила обман Шепелева и Шурыгиной

Recently, the native of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina became the heroine of the program Dmitry Shepelev “actually”. The girl, whose story of rape became public, came to the Studio to answer direct questions and prove his innocence using a lie detector. The project’s producers decided to dedicate a high-profile issue which is widely discussed for over six months, two assists. Sister accused of rape Sergey Semenova Ekaterina was also a guest of the show. After the broadcast the girl told about the impressions of the record. She is convinced that the experts in the Studio did not seek to find the truth. Diana Shurygina was threatened with libel

“When they asked her, raped you, Sergei, eyes she runs around, knows what to say. Started to try to cry again and eventually said, Yes, it’s true. Preliminary testing showed that there was no rape. But it will not be interesting, which is always Semenov rights,” said Catherine.
Сестра Семенова разоблачила обман Шепелева и Шурыгиной

The girl was outraged that she could ask questions, but she had to name the only ones that flashed on the screen. The sister of a convicted guy told me that Diana was often evaded direct answers and not talked about what really happened in that ill-fated evening. According to her, she was confused in my own memories and tried to disguise the confusion, hysteria and tears.

Сестра Семенова разоблачила обман Шепелева и Шурыгиной“They all understand that it is necessary to remove the program. The main thing that she sat through and filmed. As usually starts to go away, they started already to regret. And the hall was constantly saying, enough. Diana was throwing tantrums, it was pulled and said that the play is useless. She clearly gave to understand that we should not be hysterical. He tried to cry, to yell, to scream. Then she started to break the wires,” – said Catherine.

According to the sister Semenova, even the experts in the Studio noted that Shurygina very selective in their memories – she remembered only those facts that were favorable to her.

“For every question she answers so that everything is blurred and unclear, true or not true,” said Catherine.