“Blind” fortune teller Baba Nina became a victim of fraud

«Слепая» гадалка баба Нина стала жертвой мошенников The unknown woman appears to be the granddaughter of psychic and extort money. Baba Nina lives in the wilderness and rarely communicates with people. However, she is always ready to help who turned to her for help. However, it showed up unknown granddaughter.
«Слепая» гадалка баба Нина стала жертвой мошенников

On a blind fortuneteller Baba Nina became known after her participation in the TV series “Blind” on TV-3, the new season, which started on 4 September. Many liken it to Wang. She lives in the wilderness and is not communicative, but those who come to her takes. Not so long ago in social networks showed up, “granddaughter” fortune-tellers, which for the money provides support for known relatives.

The Internet was discovered a few sites and groups in social networks, in which someone claiming to be a granddaughter of the Baba Nina, Anya promises to help one of the most popular in the country of diviners for money. On one of the hanging liesyou the following announcement: “Hello! You got on the official website of the blind clairvoyant Baba Nina. This blog is her closest relative granddaughter Anya. Our goal is to help the population in dealing with various life problems using the gift of my grandmother.”

It is known that the clairvoyant lives far away from civilization, almost in the woods and goes on the Internet, but this resource promise that grandma will be using remotely for a donation in the amount of 2500 rubles.

«Слепая» гадалка баба Нина стала жертвой мошенников

Also in this resource offer a variety of charms from my grandmother. For example, the red string from Western wall offering to purchase for 2400 rubles. Complete as many as four pieces! To be more convincing, the website contains childhood pictures of Nina and a bunch of positive reviews.

Defrauded customers contacted the channel to find out what’s going on. Representatives of TV-3 talked to a girl named Anja, who assured that “grandma” now I will call you back. And so it happened. After some time I called a woman named Nina. The voice was like that really says an elderly woman, but with a Caucasian accent. Pseudo-clairvoyant advised to spend the next ritual: take a bow, wrap it black thread and bury it in the ground. But be warned that the magic will not work if not to buy special candles – 50 pieces for a hundred rubles each. After the conversation, the granddaughter called a few days in the persistent form demanded “not to cheat grandma” and translate the promised 5 thousand rubles.

“Baba Nina does not provide services for money and lives in the wilderness, it doesn’t even have the phone told the “StarHit” on TV-3. We again contacted the same “granddaughter” and warned her that such tricks, she faces criminal punishment under article 159 (“Fraud”) and sent the relevant statement to the police. We will monitor the progress of the investigation and will inform about its results”.
«Слепая» гадалка баба Нина стала жертвой мошенников