Sister Prince came to the defense of Justin Timberlake after the ledge with the hologram on the “super bowl»

Сестра Принса встала на защиту Джастина Тимберлейка после выступа с голограммой на «Суперкубке»

During the “super bowl”, which was held recently in Minneapolis, Justin Timberlake had prepared a tribute to Prince, which many met with criticism and negativity. During the performance the singer was used modern technology — a hologram of the Prince. He legendary artist hated this type of technology and even feared them.

Сестра Принса встала на защиту Джастина Тимберлейка после выступа с голограммой на «Суперкубке»

Justin sang a cover of the Prince song I Would Die 4 U. During the song, in the middle of the scene showed a white screen on which appeared the image of the Prince. He sang with Timberlake. Fans were infuriated, referring to the words of his idol, uttered in 1998.

“This is the most demonic thing you can imagine. For example, if I wanted to play with Duke Ellington, we had to be born at one time. And all those virtual things… truly demonic. And I’m not a demon. To me this will not happen,” — said the Prince.

The sister of a Prince, tyke Nelson, nothing criminal in this saw and was surprised by this statement Timberlake. Her upset reaction. According to the sister of the artist, too many people know what exactly would Prince and much of this is fiction. Sister of a musician is sure that her brother was not someone who could hold an offense to people, and therefore not angry at Timberlake.

The past performance Timberlake turned into a big scandal. The fact that in 2004 ,Janet Jackson, who played with the singer, the Duo took to the stage in a leather suit, which is kept intact by means of many rivets that gave it a special refinement. Justin jumped and writhed around his colleagues, singing the fateful words “by the end of this song, I’ll take off your bra.”

And so it happened, after the singer pulled a hand catching part of the costume, were on the breast of the singer. Rivets, imitating the attire of a Gladiator, was safely out of the actress and the light fell on her bare Breasts. Well, that at least the audience did not see the nipple that was covered with a metal star. Due to the fact that Janet did not expect this from Timberlake, she awhile stood in shock and then continued to speak. The guide channel si-bi-es, which was then broadcast of the ledge, interrupted the broadcast of advertising, while Justin and closed his hand chest Janet suddenly left the stage. All the blame was eventually put on the shoulders of Timberlake, who said that he did not understand what got into him.