Elena Letuchaya has made a sensational confession on the set of “Revizorro»

Елена Летучая сделала сенсационное признание о съемках «Ревизорро»
The presenter told about how to “merge” the information about restaurants.

Елена Летучая сделала сенсационное признание о съемках «Ревизорро»

Elena Letuchaya

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Elena Letuchaya for the first time revealed the true reasons behind his departure from the show “Revizorro”. As told TV presenter, four years in a row, starting with the first release, she worked with a team fully dedicated. With Elena there were five people, conscientiously perform their job, so “Revizorro” was fair and impartial show. But then Flying team changed and everything changed.

In the past, “Moscow”, season Bat learned that some of the new workers program “merges” restaurants check information. Elena tried to find the source of the leak, but her attempts were in vain. “I had a project at 105%. This was the secret of success. You can’t play — that’s life, I worked on the script. Moscow season I did with the other team. That team is now working with Samburski. I refused to take Moscow “Revizorro” because of the fact that he personally learned several times that merged information on the places we go. Absolutely could not control. So I have doubts about the veracity of how this team will work!”said Bat.

Elena told me that not personally familiar with Samburski, subsequently took its place. And yet she expressed the hope that Nastasia will strive to “Revizorro” remained true program. “If they will not take money, will withdraw honestly will not be anyone to substitute, the program will remain socially relevant and useful. I would be only glad. Believe me. I worked for four years in “Revizorro”: the cost of your own health team have ensured that the program was interesting and useful for people. If Nastasya Samburski will fight for the rights of the people of his time, all she would succeed!”quoted Elena Teleprogramma.pro.

Elena Letuchaya leaves the First channel because of health problems

Earlier, Elena got a job on the First channel, where he led the show “the Sweeney”. But then Bats has announced that work on this project is temporarily suspended because of her health problems. The doctors insisted that Elena has reduced the number of flights due to unstable angina.