Сестра покойной Браташ высказалась о победе Джигурды в деле о наследстве Litigation between Svetlana Romanova and her stellar opponents are in full swing. Cousin Ludmila Bratash said that the court rejected not only the claim, but a counter-statement Nikita Dzhigurda due to the absence of the original will.
Сестра покойной Браташ высказалась о победе Джигурды в деле о наследстве

The battle over the estate of Ludmila Bratash continues. Recently Nikita Dzhigurda said that the Kuntsevsky court found that he was right in rejecting the claim of the defendant. Now a statement was made by Svetlana Romanova herself, denying the information about the end of the proceedings. According to the woman, it was refused satisfaction of both claims, and the estate of her deceased sister still not solved.

Dzhigurda and Anisina celebrate getting a multimillion-dollar inheritance

“Statements Dzhigurda and Anisina, that they are the heirs of millions of my sisters, a farce and a soap bubble,” commented Romanov.
Сестра покойной Браташ высказалась о победе Джигурды в деле о наследстве

The woman provided and a copy of the court decision the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, which says that the claim of Nikita Dzhigurda and Anisina Mary was also rejected for lack of original will. The very same Romanov is confident that the famous actor had forged a document to obtain it a large amount of money.

“Under these circumstances, the court finds statutory grounds for the claim Dzhigurda N. B. and Anisina M. V. on recognition of ownership by inheritance by will of real property, as well as the counterclaim Romanova S. D. on the recognition of the will invalid,” reads the court’s decision.

A reply was made by myself out of the chair. He is confident that the decision was in his favor. Moreover, the actor said that he would write a statement on Svetlana Romanov in criminal court. A man accuses her of slander.

“Judge Irina Krasavina is automatically admitted the will is real, that is legitimate. This fact was confirmed by the press former lawyer Marina Anisina those, – Andrey Knyazev. A legally valid will gives us the right to inherit Lucy Bratash after the decision enters into force. That is, a month. During this time Romanova has the right to appeal in Moscow city court”, – told the chair about the situation on his page in Instagram.

Recall Lyudmila Bratash died in February last year, leaving a will by which her entire fortune was to be the family Dzhigurda. However, the sister of the deceased immediately put forward a lawsuit against the actor, accusing him of forgery and rape a businesswoman.

His victory on court confident and Marina Anisina. In Instagram, the sports star posted an angry post and assured that the slanderers who wrote nasty things about the father of her children will be punished.

“I repeat: the will recognized by the court in the present! In the fall we will receive the inheritance Romanova,her friends and accomplices answer for their libel and crimes against the laws of Russia and France! Nikita Borisovich not been opened any criminal cases. Dzhigurda proved our innocence,” – emphasizes the skater.

Fans of the star couple are sure they are right and support Anisina. However, at this stage of the trial will hardly be over. Most likely, Dzhigurda and his opponents will have to prove their case in state courts.