Николь Кузнецова поскандалила с Антоном Гусевым The star of “the battle of psychics” forced to change my phone number. Nicole Kuznetsova sorry that was too soft, by evaluating the actions of Anton Gusev. The young man published his correspondence with the clairvoyant on the Network, opening its contacts.
Николь Кузнецова поскандалила с Антоном Гусевым

Nicole Kuznetsova is forced to change his mobile number after it on his page in Instagram posted by the ex-participant of “House-2” Anton Gusev. The star of “the battle of psychics” believed that the move of the young man was a reaction to the “StarHit”. It clairvoyant gave his assessment of the behavior of Anton Gusev. Nicole Kuznetsova analyzed the causes of the breakup of a young man with a fiancée Victoria romanet, which happened before the wedding. Nicole Kuznetsova told about the reasons of parting romanet and Gusev

According to the psychic, she tried to be as correct in their estimates and before you comment, got in touch with Anton Gusev. It was important for her to know the opinion of men.

“I wrote to Anton a message which asked him what, in his opinion, should not say not to put it in a negative light. I really didn’t want to add fuel to the fire in an already difficult situation”, – has shared with “StarHit” Nicole Kuznetsova.
Николь Кузнецова поскандалила с Антоном Гусевым

However, Gusev’s message of the stars “battle of the psychics” left without attention. And after the article was published, posted on Twitter a screenshot of the message Nicole Kuznetsova, where she could see the phone number of a clairvoyant.

Николь Кузнецова поскандалила с Антоном Гусевым“First, it’s just silly, and secondly, not a man. But I’m not surprised – continues Nicole. – Things got more interesting when my Director colleagues turned to Gusev, so he deleted the post. He finally lost touch with reality, said I should call him and ask about it. After that, I of course regretted that in the article spoke about him too soft. Of course, I could speak in addition, but I won’t. Let it remain on his conscience.”

The only thing that really upsets Nicole Kuznetsov is a need to change the phone number that she uses for twelve years, on new.

“In addition to important business and personal contacts, to it was attached a device that remotely monitors the health status of my son with a disability. Renewal will take a lot of time and effort,” concluded Nicole Smith.

By the way, in the microblog Anton Gusev post with the screenshot of the correspondence with the clairvoyant now there. Probably the former participant of “House-2” decided to observe the rules of decency and removed personal contact Nicole Kuznetsova.