Сергей Светлаков похвастался интерьером новой квартиры Showman made repairs on the newly acquired housing. Sergey Svetlakov have used the services of the experts of the program “a Perfect repair”. The designers have created a unique kitchen-living room, where a comedian invited to discuss with friends for future projects.
Сергей Светлаков похвастался интерьером новой квартиры

One of the most famous comedians of Russia, the Creator of iconic characters and a crowd favorite Sergey Svetlakov program “a Perfect repair” has equipped the premises with an area of 30 square meters. At the request of the showman turned space in kitchen-living room.

Empty apartment, started repairs to it, and was not brought to the final. Sergey dreams of multifunctional and comfortable interior, suitable for work and leisure.


Сергей Светлаков похвастался интерьером новой квартиры
Сергей Светлаков похвастался интерьером новой квартиры“I see here is the realm of technical and creativity. This apartment where I sometimes stay the night, not to go out of town after the shooting. And this is the place where we gather with friends, discuss new projects, to write the script. There will be a spirit on the one hand family, and on the other, creative. To relax and thoughts to come creative. Preferably, the light” – set the task of leading the program “a Perfect repair” Sergey Svetlakov.

The authors took the original decision and created for Sergei interesting non-trivial interior. One of the main techniques was the zoning that help to highlight the subjective and practical to separate the kitchen space from the living room. Ex-wife of Sergey Svetlakov married

Designers began to develop the project, inspired at the same time… rust. Turns out it can be very fashionable. In the interior it was decided to use the colors of the Bay of Biscay and dusty peonies. The main stylistic direction of the selected modern classic in light natural shades and natural materials. The dominant colours will be light – beige, it will complement the accents and expressive elements.

The ceiling stitched water-resistant gypsum Board, then inked color “white loft”, the Walls lined with a layer of acrylic putty. They were plastered with Wallpaper of two types – painted with a floral pattern. The Wallpaper copyrights. Floor laid floorboard.

In the kitchen area installed typefaces in the style of neo-classic, warm brown finish. The furniture created at the factory, but on individual design project. A stylish addition kitchen fixtures.


Сергей Светлаков похвастался интерьером новой квартиры

For the textile processing room designer chose the curtains from natural silk and pearl shade Roman shades made of cotton with a fine textured pattern. The wall in the living area designed with natural granite, stains on the stone the color of rust. Such unusual inclusions give the interior features of the loft.

In the dining area, put a table of solid oak, he moved. The chairs of the model “Moscow” combines the practicality of European and Oriental comfort. The coffee table appeared in the living room is the fireplace.

Сергей Светлаков похвастался интерьером новой квартиры

Landscape architect submitted for the project, a very trendy plant zamioculcas, which in Russia is called “dollar tree.” He is unpretentious. In summer, water it every two weeks, in winter once a month. Living room and kitchen divided with shelving from MDF, this wall is lightweight and does not overload the room.

Сергей Светлаков похвастался интерьером новой квартиры
Сергей Светлаков похвастался интерьером новой квартиры “Cool, I really like it – appreciated the work of specialists Sergei Svetlakov. – Everything in moderation soothes and excites in moderation”.