Сестра Мэрайи Кери расскажет о сатанинских ритуалах в семье

Sister of Mariah Carey, Alison, which for almost all his adult life asks for help from famous relative is about to reveal family secrets.

As Radar Online writes, now Alison is undergoing rehabilitation from drug addiction. Therapy is quite successful, the woman feels much better and I think has a chance to end their dark past and start life with a clean slate. First, in terms of physical health and mental. To let go of all the “demons” Alison will speak out and do what she is going loud enough.

Tabloids write that Alison Carey is preparing for some revelations that will show her family, including Mariah Carey not in the best light. Alison wants to talk about family relationships when they were young. In particular about my father Alfred Roy Carey, and also about satanic rituals conducted by their mother.

Brother Mariah also previously talked about the fact that their mother forced them to do “terrible things, including satanic rituals, which gradually acquired a sexual nature”.

In what form will be the confession of Alison Carey, is not specified. Be it a memoir or documentary, is not clear. We are waiting for details.