Принц Гарри устроил Меган Маркл проверку морозами

And like grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the beloved grandson Prince Harry is trying to arrange his personal life. Redheaded British monarch for a few months is in a relationship with American actress Meghan Markle. The Prince is already familiar with the parents of his lady, Megan, was also presented to the families of Harry. Now the pair is tested for strength to make the right choices for their future.

Difficult in this case falls Markle – Harry teaches it to his active lifestyle and prepare in advance.

Recently, we visited the pair in Norway, where they not only enjoyed the beauty of the Northern lights, but have passed the test of the worst frosts. It later emerged that in this way the Prince wanted to make sure that his girlfriend is not gentle, but strong and accepting all the circumstances of the girl.

Harry told his friend that if Markle will be able to withstand a week in a small hotel (not a Palace after all) and almost deserted place, he realizes that she’s his only. However, it happened: the actress has not filed and mind that she is dissatisfied with something, and came back from the trip very happy.