Эмбер Херд боялась, что развод с Джонни Деппом приведет ее к банкротству

In the divorce process johnny Depp and amber heard, eight months after it began, the point was put. Now johnny and amber available in any way among themselves not connected people.

All of these eight months, according to insiders, life Depp and amber was like hell. At each other hand allowed himself unflattering remarks. So, for example, the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” was sure that amber prevents the signing of the divorce papers because he wants “to extend their 15 minutes of fame”. Hurd was accused of Depp that he wants her to cheat and not to pay 7 million compensation that was promised back in the summer.

The lawyers of the actress say that Depp was not true.

Amber was on the contrary interested in, as soon as possible to get a divorce, because it was already virtually unable to pay his defenders.

According to the source edition of Grazia, “amber’s no such huge funds, like johnny, to continue the fight in court. She literally could not afford to further delay the trial”. “Amber was afraid that johnny and his team of attorneys can bring it to bankruptcy.”

It seems that now the material condition of the actress and the truth is not as good as it might seem at first glance. We will remind, not so long ago the paparazzi caught her in the store economy products, where she came out with a big box shopping.

Fair to say that the situation may soon change. If you believe the rumors, amber is in a relationship with billionaire Elon Musk, who, if you call her in marriage will provide her a comfortable existence.