Netizens shocked cellulite booty Iggy Azalea

Пользователи Сети шокированы целлюлитной попой Игги Азалия

The singer Iggy Azalea you can not call the owner of a perfect figure. The parameters of the actress is far from perfect or have all the usual “90-60-90”. However, Iggy does not shy about his body and not allowing the imperfections to spoil her mood or a bad thing to spend time in the company of her new boyfriend producer LJ Curie.

Recently the paparazzi caught the couple on a yacht off the coast of Mexico. From the ubiquitous photographers Azalea and Curie was not hidden. It seems they simply did not notice.

Photographers made a few shots, mostly from behind. And off we go…

Пользователи Сети шокированы целлюлитной попой Игги Азалия

The web sparked a serious debate on the topic of the figure of the singer – some said that Iggy done that is not complex, others showed an aversion to the flabby body of a young girl. Recall that Azaleas only 26 years old.

In the pictures it is clearly visible that the fifth point of the singer’s hit Pretty Girls going through hard times. It seems that implants are the stars not in order, and the thighs covered with cellulite. It’s hard to believe that this girl just sang a rounded shape together with Jennifer Lopez in the Booty clip.

By the way, interference in their appearance, plastic surgeons Azalea never hesitated and didn’t hide it. “To deny plastic surgery is stupid. That’s why I admitted once that had surgery for breast enlargement. It is important to wait a little longer to understand — it was the right decision or not. Plastic surgery is an emotional journey. To live with its shortcomings is not easy, decide to change — even more difficult. Whatever it was, it is important to remember that to reach absolute perfection is impossible,” said Iggy.

Пользователи Сети шокированы целлюлитной попой Игги Азалия