Chelsea Handler called responsible for the presidency trump

Челси Хэндлер назвала ответственных за президентство Трампа

TV presenter Chelsea Handler is famous for its unusual perspective on world events. Not long ago, the TV star spoke about divorce, Brangelina not in the most positive way. Now went to the Kardashian family. According to Chelsea, this clan is guilty of a victory on elections of the President of America won Donald trump, not his opponent Hillary Clinton.

Chelsea became a member of the Sundance film festival where he had the opportunity to talk with reporters. On the question of what the media might do differently during the election campaign trump to prevent his election, she replied: “Stop talking so much about trump. First, the media considered him a showman. It was a reality show. We turned it into a reality show. Personally, I blame the Kardashians – the beginning of the end was they. As their fame fanned and how they became stars in the head does not fit”.

However, the response Handler was very strange. The Kardashian family do in no way been involved in the presidential race, has not campaigned for either one of the candidates. Because based on what Chelsea have done such a conclusion, it is difficult to guess.