Певица Зара рассталась со вторым мужем
The singer has told about the reasons of the next collapse of family life.

Zara with his sons Daniel and Maxim

Photo: @zara_music Instagram Zara

The news about the separation of Zara with her second husband —
Sergei Ivanov struck like thunder from a clear sky. The singer’s marriage, which seemed
from perfect, failed. About this Zara told in one of the
the last interview. According to her, the decision was given to her with incredible difficulty, but
it was, unfortunately, forced.

Problems in the family of the Zarhites started a few years ago, but
for a long time the couple tried to establish a relationship for the sake of their two children —
Daniel and Maxim. After it became clear that harmony in the family is not
return, the pair decided to leave. The children were left to live with his mother, but
the Pope often visits. To help the boys, the eldest of whom is only six
years, survive the incident, the singer has cancelled most planned for summer tour
performances. Now she tries to spend with his sons all his free
time. The singer also admitted that he had not placed
priorities in life or in career or in favor of the family. She tried to
equally pay attention to both aspect of your life.

Recall that the wedding of Zara and Sergei Ivanov took place in 2008. Two years after marriage, they gave birth to the eldest son, Daniel, and in 2012 came to light Maxim. Prior to that, in 2004, the singer has already managed to visit once married. However, then her marriage to Sergei Matviyenko lasted only a year and a half.

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