Анна Седокова оказалась под капельницами
The singer asked for help to the doctors.

Anna Sedokova

Photo: @Instagram annasedokova Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova seriously alarmed his fans. As it became known, she had to spend several hours under the dripper. The singer admitted that she had serious problems with the main “tool” of the singer — voice.

“Vote for me and not returned, and I was up all night from
pain in the throat. I whisper … In 3 hours go to the phoniatrist that will be me
to put an IV and to inject the injections. I have never been so with voice.
Used to get, but does it hurt to talk… And in the evening a concert…” — said Sedokova.

Anna tried not to lose heart and soon found himself in the doctor’s office. “It was a nightmare. I did a fill and was picked in the throat with an iron syringes.. it Was difficult. Then put on a drip. I don’t know how this will help, but try to think positively…” — she added. About that, did you get any favor done by the procedure, Anna is not announced, but fans hope that soon she will talk about how he feels.

Meanwhile, not so long ago Sedokova broke up with her lover Sergei Humanika. The reason for the breakup was frequent separation of Anna with her boyfriend because of the tight tour. By the way, recently the fans have suspected that Sedokova has a new Beau, which is loaded with presents, the Russian singer.

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