Певица Слава приняла неожиданное решение об уходе
The artist is a “burst” of patience.


Photo: @nastya_slava Instagram Fame

Singer Slava took a responsible decision, planning to leave the social network and to live real, not virtual life. She frankly admitted that she was tired from the constant stay in the Network and called on fans and colleagues on stage to follow her example.

“I’m from social networks! Leave only the advertising of concerts and filming. People, especially young people, get crazy with the number of likes! And nothing and earn money! Talk to each other, look in eyes, be real, not plastic-finished mannequins! Your Fame!” — she wrote in microblogging.

Subscribers wildly disappointed by the decision of the singer. In the comments under this entry fans tried to convince her to stay “in touch”, but it seems that attempts were not successful. “What a pity… don’t go!”, “You hurt someone? Never mind, it was a pleasure to see your photos and videos, stay!” — wrote Fame.

By the way, a few days ago, the singer with daughter Alexandra flew to vacation in Dubai. The singer went on a journey to recover after the tour.