Селена Гомес использует The Weeknd, чтобы позлить Бэллу Хадид

American singer Selena Gomez is so not confident that it begins to puff them up with The Weeknd relations as proof of the big and pure love. Sources close to the actress say about the real paranoia he felt Gomez.

Selena recently, The Weeknd and his former girlfriend Bella Hadid met by chance in Paris, and already then it was possible to notice how Gomez tries to show everyone their “sincere feelings”.
“Selena is obsessed with thoughts of what Abel (Abel Tesfaye, Mekonnen – real name of rapper – approx.ed.) get back to Bella, so she started this game with a demonstration of the senses. She decided out loud and make it clear to Bella that they Abell in love with each other, and that there’s no chance that their relationship with the model it is possible to resume. Selena tells everyone about the love of The Weeknd, but everyone understands that she’s just using the guy. She doesn’t want to be one again and disappear from the radar of the paparazzi” — said the insider.