Nikita Dzhigurda expressed the deprivation of his citizenship DNI

Никита Джигурда высказался о лишении его гражданства ДНР

Did not have time epatage Russian artist Nikita Dzhigurda to revoke the citizenship of the DNI, as he instantly reacted to the news, expressing their own version of events. Recall что14 March, the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko has denied the artist’s nationality, as did an official statement.

On his page in the social network Vkontakte Nikita stated that citizenship was stripped of his supposedly due to the fact that after receiving the passports of DNR, he stated that DND is part of Ukraine and stipulated that it should be renamed the Donetsk people’s Republic, Ukraine.
The chair also proposed to make the DNR has two official languages – Russian and Ukrainian, to the whole world not seen in the inhabitants of the new state of the separatists. Official statement on deprivation of citizenship Dzhigurda DNI authorities demonstratively showed Nikita that they are not part of Ukraine. Nikita offered to hold a referendum. This, according to the artist, was the reason for its exclusion from the NPT.
The decision Zakharchenko supported Joseph Kobzon. He said that citizenship Dzhigurda is a shame for the DNI.
“Zakharchenko did the right thing. Why this outrageous rowdy citizen need struggling the land of Donbass? Zakharchenko did the right thing. He apologized to all for what Dzhigurda got [the passport]. It is so shameful and disgraceful said we have that to count in the Donbass citizen is a disgrace” — said Kobzon.
We will remind that earlier a citizen of the DNR became a popular Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin.