Елена Летучая собиралась выйти замуж за австралийца
Exactly what the presenter answered questions about marriage, before her personal life was adjusted.

Elena Letuchaya

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elena Letuchaya admits that previously, it was often “sick” questions about marriage.

it is believed that if after 35 (Elena
38. —
Approx. ed.) has remained unmarried, is a dead giveaway. The questions arise: what is it defective,
what? And I always say: to each his own. You know, I
even laughed: well, if you’re not married to forty, I go abroad, I’ll be
the juice and will meet your destiny. There are also such countries where
prevail male population. It at us in Russia many girls and they all
beautiful, good, intelligent, but men are not enough. And in Australia,
for example, all the way around. And I’d say, if anything, in Australia go. All the time
laughed and for this reason never feel self-conscious. Knew when I met
his man immediately understand it”.

The path to happiness for Elena was quite long. She met with many men and many were proposed. But met with refusal. The presenter just wasn’t ready to give herself to the family and person that was not certain. And, despite the skepticism of friends, waited for his men.

“Any reader “7 Days”
would agree with me that this is a very important feeling for a woman —
what’s next with you a strong man, says TV presenter. Is the sensation there is no substitute: no money
husband or power. If a man gives gifts, but I don’t feel with
it is protected, I don’t feel its authority — I’m so
will not stay. You know, the post I have steering. And sometimes I
you come home and can’t switch from this wave. But George is able to me quickly
place to put: “Honey, you’re home”. I like
woke up: Oh, yeah, right. And become soft, fluffy and
sneakers go cook dinner.”

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