Певица Натали ждет третьего ребенка 42-year-old actress is pregnant. After a few months in the family pet public will happen replenishment. The star herself has admitted that she always dreamed of a big family, and each kid literally begged the heavens. The celebrity and her spouse very happy, that soon in their house to reappear a baby.

      Певица Натали ждет третьего ребенка

      Popular singer Natalie is preparing once again to become a mother. The performer waits for the third child. Recently the actress was seen on one of the playgrounds of the capital in clothes that could not hide the changed forms of stars of the 90s. Nathalie and her husband Alexander accepted the congratulations on the forthcoming addition to the family. The couple has two sons Arseny and Anatoly.

      According to some, the woman is in her sixth month of pregnancy. As admitted 42-year-old actress and her husband very happy. The sex of the baby singer has not yet calls. Pregnant Natalie revealed the sex of the baby

      About 10 years Natalie and her husband were trying to give birth to their first child. According to the singer of the hit “O God, what a man” they were hoping only for a miracle. In an interview with the star admitted that prior to that experienced two miscarriages and simply could not carry a child. They helped only faith. In 2000, Natalie went to touch the relics of St. healer Panteleimon, which was brought from Greece. She wanted a higher power bestowed on her son. In 2001, Natalie and Alexandra dreams come true: the light appeared the firstborn son Arseny.

      Despite the busy schedule, the actress pays a lot of attention to my family. Every free minute they spend with the children engaged in their education and development. Star mom is trying not to indulge the boys and do not allow them to play computer games all day.

      In the first trimester of pregnancy, Natalie continued to work actively performing at concerts. However, after the filming of the Christmas show, the star took a break. Now she is actively preparing for the birth of the child and tries less to go out. As reported by the artist Life.ru baby will be born in one of Russian clinics.

      However, apparently, Natalie has no plans to permanently leave the scene. After two previous pregnancies, the actress quickly recovered. When was Anatoly, the star was on maternity leave only three weeks, and then went back to work.

      Recall that Natalie married Alexander when she was only 17 years old. Wife had to put up with the fact that his beloved woman is popular with men. “However Sasha was used to that I like men. He suffered so much! Especially the first couple of years when I was hiding from the fans that are married,” said star.