The organizers of the children’s award in the Kremlin justified for the scandal

Организаторы детской премии в Кремле оправдались за скандал Director of the Art Fund-Premium Svetlana Sukhanova apologized to the parents and young artists. She told me that was the main problem in large-scale event, which took place last Friday. Sukhanov also responded to allegations of fraud.

      Организаторы детской премии в Кремле оправдались за скандал

      On Friday, January 17, in the Kremlin Palace hosted Art-Premium People Awards, which was attended by talented children from all over Russia. The event was a scandal: parents of budding actors were dissatisfied with the organization of the competition and loudly chanted: “Shame!”.

      The story of the scandal with children in the Kremlin continued

      The journalists contacted the Director of the Art Fund-Premium Svetlana Sukhanova to know the details of what happened. According to the woman, because of long rehearsals, the organizers were limited in time. So they had to choose between awarding of the participants and a gala concert. That night on stage were not all young artists, which were about four thousand people. Sukhanov noted that even the most talented performers were the groups for the timing. She also stressed that the event was a lot of positive feedback.

      “The main problem is the lack of feedback. This is our mistake and fault. If everyone was warned that the award is transferred, then this would be a scandal arose. Now trying to settle the conflict… In my opinion, parents should not have to cheat children. All quietly watched the concert, then the organisers would come out on stage and announced where and when awarding. Nobody’s feelings got hurt. But this chaos did not allow us to do it”, — said the head of the Art Fund-Premium.

      Sukhanov also denied rumors that her organization was a lot of overlap with the activities because of debts. According to the woman, they have not had any problems with concert venues. She also noted that stars participated in the concert, got their fees. As for ticketing the parents, as stated by Sukhanov “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, it is as originally planned, because the participation was free only for children and their teachers.

      Recall that some contestants Art-Premium People Awards, held in January in the Kremlin Palace, were extremely dissatisfied with the award. They called it “shameful” in social networks. Presenter and chief editor of the “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov comforted children and their parents, expressing their displeasure of the incident. Later in the Internet appeared the information that the organizers of the ceremony is not the first time involved in the scandal with the implementation of large-scale festivals.