Дмитрий Тарасов впервые высказался о шумихе вокруг развода The player explained how he perceived the breakup with Olga Buzova. According to Dmitry, 2016-second year taught him a lot. In particular, the midfielder is now a great judge of character and knows how to get out of any difficult situation.

      At the end of December 2016, Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova are officially divorced. Over a long period of time the couple had experienced difficulties in relationships. Besides, social networks were constantly new rumors about the reasons for the separation of one of the most beautiful couples. Some Internet users accused the player of cheating, while others believed that all the fault of the presenter “House-2” because she refused to have children. Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”

      Tarasov initially tried to keep away from this scandal. However, according to the sportsman, journalists, sometimes even followed him to calculate, with whom he spends time. The player tried not to look that write about it online. “If they would read and even more so once reacted, it probably would have been lying in the psychiatric hospital instead of playing football,” admitted Dmitry.

      During the relationship with Olga Buzova, the player understood that their personal life will always riveted the attention of fans of the project “Dom-2”. However, even after breaking up with the presenter, the footballer does not want to discuss the reasons for the breakdown in the family.

      “I was married to a famous man. Olga is a popular girl with a large social circle, so such an interest in our separation is easy to explain. No one knows how I actually feel about it, let it remain with me” – said Tarasov.

      Midfielder “Locomotive” suffered in the past year serious damage to the cruciate knee ligaments. As admitted by the player, he makes every effort to fully recover. According to Tarasov, 2016 turned out to be for him very difficult.

      “1 January is really as if discovered a new clean page. Left all the bad behind. While 2016 has taught: to understand people, understand who your friend is, to draw the right conclusions from difficult situations. Taught not to be angry and not to be offended, even if there are reasons. Whatever happens, we need to transcend, to go further. I do not wish anyone evil. All – peace and good”, – explained Dmitry.

      Many believe that Tarasov fully satisfied with life, because on the pages in social networks, he often puts photos with a happy smile on her face or photos of the restaurants, where he spends his evenings in the company of friends. The player himself says that he does not need to advertise their real emotions.

      “Never show your weakness. What is happening in the soul, should stay there. If you smile and spread positive images, that doesn’t mean anything. You cannot judge people just by the photos,” said Tarasov in an interview with the publication “Sport-Express”.