Певицу Линду сбил грузовик в центре Москвы The singer fell under the wheels of a car whose driver fled the scene. Subsequently, he was detained in another district of the capital, and Linda and her niece Anna Wagner was hospitalized.

40-year-old singer Linda got in an accident in the center of Moscow, at Karetny Ryad. When the performer and her niece Anna Wagner was walking on a pedestrian crossing, at once traversed the MAZ truck. The actress and her cousin were under the car.

After the incident, the woman was in a medical facility, and the driver fled the scene. For his capture had introduced the plan “Interception”. After about an hour the man was detained in the district of Kapotnya.

According to preliminary data, the driver has not coped with management. In fact the incident is checked. According to the acting head a press-services gumvd across Moscow Yury Titov, the information that a truck crashed into a crowd of people that appeared in the media is false.

The journalists managed to interview Linda who was hospitalized with injuries that are not threatening her life. The actress said that her and my niece, seeing the truck, crouched, and threw himself on the ground.

“The two of us walked in a crosswalk, driving MAZ, I don’t know where it all came from. And all we simply have no other option but to throw themselves under him… He started to shoot us, we were grouped and under it went. It passed over us and went on… Then he turned around, passed again by this pedestrian crossing and disappeared. Eyewitnesses recorded all rooms. The doctors did a scan, I have a damaged spine and chest”, — said the singer.

Niece of Linda Ann said that it all happened quite quickly. “I thought, now a little more and he will stop… But it never happened. Then he comes in contact with my aunt, but there was not a strong push, but still. (…) We’ve both been under the car. Then she even rode. I have no broken bones, only bruises to the feet,” shared a young woman with REN TV.