The widow of a leading Sergei Suponev preparing for the wedding

Вдова ведущего Сергея Супонева готовится к свадьбе Olga married gynecologist. Woman is glad that her daughter Pauline took her lover. The widow of Sergei Suponev constantly remembers him and talks to his ex-wife Valeria.
Вдова ведущего Сергея Супонева готовится к свадьбе

In 2001, a famous TV presenter and Director of children’s programs of ORT Sergey Suponev crashed to death while riding on a snowmobile. He lost control and crashed into the catwalk of the pier, which was not visible because of the ice. From the received traumas the man died. He is survived by his wife and a daughter who was born a year before the tragedy.

Pauline, soon to be 17 years old, does not remember his father, but always looks old recording of its programs. Olga Suponeva still cannot come to terms with bereavement and often recalls Sergei. However, the woman realizes that she needs to arrange a personal life. She said that now her heart is already taken.

“Andrei and I met with him at the reception. He’s a gynecologist. 17 years older than me. I was younger Serezha Suponeva 13. The difference in age, either then or now I don’t. Very pleased that Fields quickly took of Andrew. She’s a person without conflict and contact. Father. Andrew proposed to me, but the stamp in the passport is not important to me”, – said Olga.
Вдова ведущего Сергея Супонева готовится к свадьбе

Reporters learned that the elect Olga was Andrew Lipman. As it turned out, they had known each other for a very long time – he delivered her son. The doctor was also a man well-known TV presenter. Suponeva admits that he feels very comfortable around her lover. Despite the complete idyll, they are not planning an addition to the family.

Вдова ведущего Сергея Супонева готовится к свадьбе“The child does not think. Honestly, afraid. Age already… But as God wills. If over we will be given such a miracle, as a kid, say thank you very much”, – says Olga.
Вдова ведущего Сергея Супонева готовится к свадьбе

Widow Suponeva continues to maintain friendly relations with the former wife of Sergei Valeria. Four years ago, the son of the first wife leading Cyril has committed suicide. Olga suggests that the young man could not accept the loss of his father for 11 years.

“For me, the husband too was everything. When Sergei died, I was left alone in creepy a large country house, which did not want to move. Serge at the time was literally on his hands took me there. After the final partition of the inheritance to me, or rather, our daughter Pauline departed the mansion. This was the condition of other family members, so that the Field was registered as the owner of the house,” recalled Olga.

The widow of Sergei Suponev admitted conversation with the correspondent “Express-Gazeta” that the deceased spouse will remain forever in her heart. Despite the fact that the woman found happiness with a new lover, she does not consider herself a traitor, but speaks only about the need to once again feel weak.