Singer Linda drove the truck

На певицу Линду наехал грузовой автомобиль
Singer Linda was injured in a traffic accident in Central Moscow.

На певицу Линду наехал грузовой автомобиль

40-year-old performer and her niece drove the truck when they crossed the road at a pedestrian crossing. Women immediately hospitalized, and the driver fled the scene, but later he was caught.

“The two of us walked in a crosswalk, driving MAZ, I don’t know where it all came from. And all we simply have no other option but to throw themselves under him… He started to shoot us, we were grouped and under it went. It passed over us and went on… Then he turned around, passed again by this pedestrian crossing and disappeared. Eyewitnesses recorded all rooms. The doctors did a scan, I have a damaged spine and chest,” shared Linda.

Women tell us that everything happened very quickly and unexpectedly.

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