Singer George Michael has died at the age of 53 years

Певец Джордж Майкл умер в возрасте 53 лет
British actor suddenly died.

George Michael


By a cruel twist of fate on the eve of the Catholic Christmas passed away, British singer George Michael, author of the legendary song “Last Christmas”, which has already become for many a symbol of the most magical time of the year. George at the time of death was only 53 years old. About the exact causes of the death of the contractor will be known later, but now, according to representatives of the law, they have no reason to believe that Michael’s death was violent.

Many fans simply refused to believe that the singer died, however, the official representative of the singer confirmed information about the death of Michael. According to him, George died peacefully in his home. “The family of the singer asks to respect her in this difficult time. At this stage any comments will not” — he said.

His musical career Michael started at the age of 18 years. To become famous, he managed, thanks to the establishment with his friend Andrew Ridgeley of the group “Wham!”. However, the group did not last long and George started a solo career. Everything in the world has sold more than 100 million of his albums. They recorded six albums, the last one after 10-year hiatus, was released in 2014.

In 2011, the singer had pneumonia, the result of which he underwent a tracheotomy. Michael then admitted that due to the illness literally caught between life and death. However, he managed to find the strength to recover.