Boris Grachevsky has no clue about the real age of his wife

Борис Грачевский не догадывается о реальном возрасте своей жены
Artistic Director of “jumble” congratulated Ekaterina Belotserkovsky happy birthday.

Boris Grachevsky and Ekaterina Belotserkovsky

Photo: @boris_grachevsky Instgaram Boris Grachevskogo

The wife of Boris Grachevsky — Ekaterina Belotserkovsky has recently celebrated its 32 anniversary. Girl all day accepted congratulations happy birthday, among whom were wishes from her husband, the artistic Director of “jumble”.

“The most beautiful! The most tender! The most beautiful! Congratulations! Happy Birthday!” — Boris wrote in his microblog. During your congratulations to the 67-year-old Grachevskiy also admitted that he did not know about that, how old was his favorite. “I don’t know how old you are, you are still much younger you look! I love my Katya! Wife for all time!” he added. By the way, fans felt that he was disingenuous, because it is unlikely he may not be aware that he has with Catherine a 35-year age difference.

Recall that your feelings couple at first preferred to hide from outsiders. That Boris has a new fiancee became known after he came with Catherine at the premiere of the musical “singin’ in the rain”. In the last New years eve Belotserkovskaya received from grachevskogo offer hands and hearts, and in January, the pair is rumored to have played a secret wedding in Mauritius.