Певец Шура разделся на публике The contractor is recovering from surgery on the hip joint. Shura had undergone surgery in one of the medical centers of the Mound. According to the artist, he suffered from pain for several years, so now begins a new life.

42-year-old singer Shura recently underwent surgery in Kurgan. The artist put an artificial joint made of ceramics and titanium. Now the performer is recovering after surgery. Shura had to re-learn to walk. He currently uses crutches and complies with all the recommendations of doctors.

Shura gave a press conference where he spoke about his recovery and explained why he decided to be treated in Russia, and not abroad.

“In Russia there is a bright, wonderful minds and hands of gold. I checked, treated for different things such as cancer and other ailments, and all that I pass in Russia. I’m proud of my country, – said the artist. – We do not need no Switzerland and France — there is only love our money, and here, like us as people. God forbid me something to get sick, but if so will go, it will still be Russia”.

According to the artist, after the operation, his life begins a new stage. While in Barrow, Alex got a tattoo on his leg with his initials. Figure of show business, admitted that seven years had suffered from severe pain in his leg.

“Just passed the Oncology and the pain started. I really didn’t want to go to the hospital, I suffered for a long time. Four shots a day or two before the concert, two after. It was a horrible pain. I drove to Switzerland, Israel, and my name was there, but somehow did not impress me. But once I turned on the TV and saw a report about this clinic, and I immediately became clear – only here,” – says the artist.

The contractor showed reporters a tattoo. “I have never sat in front of the camera in his underpants. And laughter, and sin. Forced to remove his pants… that’s about it just all write”, – joked the artist.

Singer suggests that the pain was triggered by uncomfortable shoes – by often went in high heels. At the same time, doctors have a different explanation of the problems the Shura health. “They looked at the pictures. Say I have likely had childhood trauma. My childhood was fun, stormy. Probably had a pinched,” – said the artist.

In the future, the Shura is going to abandon shoes with heels and make-up. According to the singer, he decided on the change of his stage persona due to age. “I’m 42 years old, this is ridiculous. Of course, leave the bright costumes, but when I run in sneakers. And cheerful songs will always be”, – said the worker of show business.