Dana Borisova apologized to Alena Kravets

Дана Борисова извинилась перед Аленой Кравец The TV host kept his word. Dana Borisova found the strength to resolve the conflict that broke out between her and Alena Kravets. Earlier the lawyer of the singer intended to resolve the dispute in court.
Дана Борисова извинилась перед Аленой Кравец

23 Jan Dana Borisova and Allen Kravetz met in the Studio of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to understand the conflict that occurred between them in early January. TV presenter accused the singer that she supposedly communicates with men for money. The artist, in turn, questioned her deliverance from drug addiction.

Lawyer Alena Kravets: “We will apply for Dana Borisov to court”

After an hour of discussion, during transmission, Dana decided to apologize to Alyona. Attorney Kravetz warned that she must do it in the microblog. Today, Borisov published a post in which he asked forgiveness of his opponent.

“Friends, as promised on the program “live”, I want to apologize Alena Kravets. I was wrong in his statements and judgments, had no right to publicly report reliable information, especially of this nature. I am sincerely sorry that my actions affected personally Alain, her family and reputation. Unfortunately, people make mistakes, and I am no exception. Moreover, now I’m still going through rehabilitation, and to be honest, it is difficult. The world’s a large amount of aggression, it’s hard for me to accept and understand large amounts of information, and I don’t always appreciate it adequately. Again my apologies to anyone offended by my words,” wrote the presenter.

Members were pleased that Borisov has found the strength and were able to apologize to Kravets. They supported Dan. “Good boy, good job! I respect people who know how to apologize, well done. Hold on, you’re the best”, “Danik, you’re such a good, kind heart. You’ll be fine!”, “Dana, you’re done! You are a very strong woman, mom! Let everything you do will be fine! Forward”, wrote the followers.

Alena Kravets has not yet responded to the appeal of This. Previously, she talked about the fact that after the words Borisova her daughter Danielle made fun of in school. The girl had a few days to stay at home. The singer was outraged that because of the unreasonable words of the presenter, the child suffered. The artist didn’t know where she got the information discrediting her honor and dignity. The husband who was beating Alena Kravets, protect her from Dana Borisova

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