Мария Аронова показала повзрослевшую внучку The actress rarely shares details of his family life. Recently, however, the artist has published in one of social networks a touching picture with her granddaughter Antonina. Fans were surprised to see how much like a girl on his stellar grandmother.
Мария Аронова показала повзрослевшую внучку

Maria Aronova prefers not to tell the public and reporters about the family and loved ones. However, this time the actress made an exception. Movie star published online touching the frame along with the granddaughter of Antonina. The heiress of the artist gave the eldest son from his first marriage with Vladislav Gandrabur. Young man, Vladislav Vladislavovich, a few years ago married a graduate of the art school Catherine. In 2015, the couple had a daughter Antonina.

Star grandmother loves her granddaughter.

“Native blood” – signed picture actress.
Мария Аронова показала повзрослевшую внучку

“Baby so good”, “Sweet. Like you”, “grandma’s joy,” commented frame the fans of the actress.

Update, today, Maria Aronova happy second marriage with her husband Evgeny Fomin. Elect of the actress worked as a head of the transport Department in the same theatre, where he served as the artist. The couple has a civil marriage. Aronov told journalists that her husband was able to make friends with her eldest son Vladislav from his first Union.

“Jack was a man who purposefully wanted a family, a child. His heroism in the fact that he was able to build a relationship with my son. What does not happen in very many families, when a woman with a child Dating a man. Someone begins to suffer: either the woman betrays the child from the first marriage, or the scandals start with one. In this case, WO’s credit that he is raising my son as his,” said Aronov.

After several years of living together with the beloved actress daughter, Seraphim. Aronov admitted that the heiress is absolutely not similar to her in character, and therefore it is feared that due to excessive kindness may face difficulties in life. “A good man. From childhood it was important to submit Slippers, make a nice. I hope she will be happy as a woman, nobody’s going to hurt. It upsets me that she is very gullible. The advances that give people will give to anyone, and will appreciate it or not. I’m afraid cones here lumped” – shared in an interview with Maria. Maria with her husband and daughter

Recall that in early August of last year, the Network appeared information that the actress allegedly was diagnosed with a tumor. It was reported that Aronova went to the clinic and the doctors trying to help her fight the disease. Later, the celebrity denied this information and stated that they are not true. In the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi Maria responded to the recent publication, devoted to her condition. The actress said that she was all right. “Listen, yourself need to calm down just one. As long as you write, so you’re interesting and you like. With me everything is fine and it is a nasty, disgusting rumors that are dissolved. I really hope that there will be people who will bother my 76-year-old father. That’s terrible, nobody is considered with it. My old dad little daughter in the frontier age, which may reflect on. That’s disgusting,” said Aronov. Maria Aronova responded to rumors of a serious illness