Певец Шура лишился квартиры The singer was in a difficult life situation: he is forced to leave the shelter, where he lived for 15 years. Shura hoped that justice will prevail and he will be able to return the property, because funds for the purchase of the new property he has no.
Певец Шура лишился квартиры

In 2003, the infamous singer Alex bought an apartment that cost him a hundred thousand dollars. In the transmission of “Hello, Andrew!” the actor admitted: at that time he did drugs, so he offered to rewrite the property to other people. Shura listened and gave the right of possession of apartment to the employee of a certain construction firm. The artist had no idea what he could do to the future of such a rash act.

“Live in peace, nobody bothers you, – thought Alex, – pay the rent money, all the paper in my hands. Somehow during the day of birth, down to the kiosk for some water, there are two young men with documents in my apartment and telling me they say, Oh, sorry, this apartment pay their debts, and move new people, and legal. To these people I have no complaints, but looking for a man, on which was written the estate. His name is Murad Arabs. Now it is hard for me. For years I’ve lived in my apartment and just love her. Two months I have left to figure out where to go. In my 43 years I – bum”, – admitted the singer.

That day, when Shura came and people began to say that this property is not his, according to the Shura, the apartment suddenly began to happen unexplained sudden curtain fell, broke the tap in the kitchen. The singer has considered: housing, thus said goodbye to him. No matter what, Alex thanked the new owners for giving him two months to find a roof over your head. At this time, the celebrity plans to take out a mortgage with no down payment and search for a new home.

In recent years, increasingly discussed the conflict Shura’s mother, Svetlana Medvedeva. Whether in a drunken stupor, or under the influence of drugs Shura insulted a woman. However, after 25 years first decided on a reconciliation, and still called my mom.

Shura tries to resolve years of conflict with the mother

Певец Шура лишился квартиры“It’s hard for 25 years to name the word “Mama” is very hard. I wanted someone to call “mom” and in response to hear the cherished “son” – shared the singer.

The mother of the artist, too, so sorry about the years that she and her son spent on quarrels and insults.

“They’re just vanishing from our lives. Despite the fact that we have not talked to him, I practically every day went to Church prayed for him, worried. Mother is very important. I don’t know, maybe my prayers have been answered, but I am very thankful to my son that he first went to reconciliation. I guess we had to make it early. We missed each other over the years” — Svetlana Medvedev has promised the actor that will always be with him and support in any situation.