Дочь Ларисы Гузеевой публично разделась Recently, Olga has published in his Instagram a provocative picture, where she poses without underwear. Daughter Guzeeva, previously demonstrated in a network of modest photos, and now decided to draw attention to yourself.
Дочь Ларисы Гузеевой публично разделась

The daughter of well-known TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva Olga always tried to attract the attention of the public. More recently, the girl experimented with his looks: short cut hair, wearing piercings, chose the men’s clothes. And only recently she was more feminine: grew my hair, began to wear cute looking dresses.

And recently 18-year-old girl again surprised the audience: she was photographed Nude for his microblog. This the heiress Guzeeva signed the brief: “Summer pain”, which means “summer pain”. What was the reaction of the mother of Bocharovoj on similar experiments in the Network still remains a mystery, but we know one thing: Guzeeva always and in all supports his daughter

And if Olga herself does not expose my personal life, it makes her famous mother. Last year, Larissa guzeyeva told fans: its successor is a young man.

Larissa Guzeeva has unveiled their daughter’s fiancé

“How quickly time flies! All love and joy!” — Guzeeva shared in the social network a photo of his daughter and her boyfriend, but then deleted the picture.
Дочь Ларисы Гузеевой публично разделась

Recently, the actress walked at the wedding of the daughter of a family friend. Fans of the actress felt that Lola (the so-affectionately calls his successor guzeyeva) is getting married. The actress had to disappoint some of his followers who really was genuinely happy for Olga.

“For those who can’t read, for those who tells me that I will unsubscribe because of links to my friends who helped us get ready fast and look presentable! This is not my daughter’s wedding — the wedding of the daughter of our family friend!” — emotionally replied Larisa.

Guzeeva recently admitted that a year ago she and her husband Igor Buharov, with whom she lived about 20 years, was almost on the verge of divorce.

“Igor has survived a very difficult winter. Everything I said earlier about our breakup, really. There is no smoke without fire. We together with Igor for 20 years, anything can happen. Our brains involved, we decided not to tell the country. What happened with us, can survive, and we survived. But family crisis is not yet overcome. Igor will be with me in the day when I walk into the house after renovation. Until. Thank you all for your participation. Thank God, we got away with it, divorce will not” — said a celebrity in one of the shows.