Футбол объединяет: как болельщики из разных стран спасают друг друга на Чемпионате мира More than two million fans came to Russia for the world Cup. They are expressive cheer in the stadiums and outside of them, share the good and the happiness that touched a bright sports festival.
Футбол объединяет: как болельщики из разных стран спасают друг друга на Чемпионате мира

The football world Cup held in Russia, became the brightest event of the year. Hundreds of thousands of fans gathered in the domestic cities from around the world. What problems they had to face, and what memories will you have guests?

“StarHit” gathered the most interesting stories related to the 2018 world Cup. Each of them is an example of perfect hospitality and illustration is always relevant to the times about uniting the sport.


Футбол объединяет: как болельщики из разных стран спасают друг друга на Чемпионате мира

Volunteer Anton Lebedev from Saransk together with her mother – interpreters, in perfection know English language and often help foreigners. But they could not assume that their apartment is located a senior official.

“I learned that a couple of fans problems with the home, says “StarHit” Lebedev. The mother contacted them, it turned out, by mistake they booked a hotel in Saransk, where he was to undergo the game, and in Penza. Asked them to accommodate us in the room. First began to ask, what do you do. It turned out, the guy named Hector was Mantilla Rueda, he is the mayor of the Colombian city of Floridablanca. As proof, Hector opened the County website showcasing his photography and post.”

In the evening Anton invited everyone to the table. “I made potatoes, meat, mom made the salad with crab sticks – still a man. – The guys liked it. The next day they went back to the capital. For peace of mind escorted them to a taxi: you never know, the driver would have tried to cash in. Memory was handed the magnet with the symbols of the city. When he returned home, he saw they had left a sample of soda and peanuts from their homeland”.


Футбол объединяет: как болельщики из разных стран спасают друг друга на Чемпионате мира

One of the matches of the world Cup Abel Vera saw Muscovite, which moves on an old wheelchair. The man was shocked by the deplorable condition of its strollers, the torn tires, torn out of hinges and volunteered to provide the new stranger.

“I’m the owner of the Fund What Pushes You, which deals with helping people with disabilities, – said the American. The organization was created in 27 years after me has a terrible problem – had an accident and lost the ability to walk. At home, in the States, there are four good chairs, plus with him to Russia I took two more. With the boys exchanged contacts and met a few days later. Of course, in the beginning was the language barrier but we could understand each other. You should have seen his face, burning eyes – happy as a child! Like he said, “Dude, here’s a little gift for ten thousand dollars, not used.”


Walking along the streets of Nizhny Novgorod, Croatian fans saw a huge pit in the roadway. It was so deep that three people could freely get on the belt. The fans are not confused and decided on a memory to hold a comic photo shoot. Posted in social networks photos quickly spread via the Internet and has sparked interest not only among casual users, who began to repeat the Croats, but also of the city administration.

“Of course, the Network it seems funny, but in reality very sad, – says the “StarHit” Gul, a local resident. – This pit has delivered a lot of trouble there was always trouble; people were bust, were injured. We are happy the problem is finally solved! It is a pity that the only way to reach the authorities. By the way, now started checking the condition of all city roads. No longer eager to become a laughing stock!” if (window.relap) window.relap.ar(‘wD_AqGioqJ9lHEJC’);