Sinead O’connor was found in the suburbs of Chicago

Шинейд О’Коннор нашлась в пригороде Чикаго

Chicago police managed to find the missing on Sunday the singer Sinead O’connor. Irish artist called his disappearance a real sensation, because the long absence of her home could also mean that she again resolved to commit suicide, as it was in November last year.

Sinead, like last time, found in one of the hotels in the suburbs of Chicago, where she checked in under a false name. However, the hype in the media did their job – a neighbor identified visitors calving, and they called law enforcement authorities.
According to U.S. media reports, the singer was safe and sound, her life was never in danger. Just in case she was taken to the hospital to check at the time the use of drugs. Last time Sinead, who suffers from mental illness, has left the relatives of a suicide note in which he accused them of indifference. She was found in one of the suburban hotels, thankfully, on time. After O’connor had to receive medical treatment in a psychiatric hospital. What happened this time, not yet reported.

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