Cara Delevingne was detained and fined in Paris

Кара Делевинь была задержана и оштрафована в Париже

For a sharp tongue and intemperate character had to pay the famous model Cara Delevingne. A celebrity was arrested and fined for having insulted the security officer of the railway company Eurostar.

Кара Делевинь была задержана и оштрафована в Париже
Kara hurried from Paris to London to celebrate the birthday of his sister poppy and she is very n like the slowness of the check. At the request of the security officer to provide security on the Luggage check Delevingne is not just feisty, she was furious and out of control.

Кара Делевинь была задержана и оштрафована в Париже
“The queue was about twenty people, but Kara didn’t care. She began to fight in hysterics, cursing and all, behaved like a star, where you do not have to follow the rules” — said an eyewitness of the performance. Another source confirms the words first and says that the friend who was with Kara, tried to reason with her and comfort her, but she paid no attention to him, and then.. fell on his knees and folded his hands, as if in prayer.

“It was so weird. Kara shouted to the officer: “This is ridiculous, let’s just doing his damn job!”. She was approached by the officer, but she swore at him and sent away” — said the source.
After these words the model were detained and released only after she paid a fine. How much cost Cara trick, not reported. From the room of officers Kara came out with tear-stained face. She apologized to the officer, who was insulted and went to London on the next train.
Themselves security guards said that this is not the first case with the rough-celebrities, and that they are tired of the whims of people who consider themselves above the law.

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