Oleg Vinnik, a widower from Sinai, is going to marry for the third time His chosen one Anna Bakulina has already agreed.

Oleg Vinnik, a widower from Sinai, is going to marry for the third time For more than seven years passed from the moment a plane crashed over Sinai with Russians, among whom were the wife and two children of businessman Oleg Vinnik. The entrepreneur subsequently built a family with a girl named Alex, but their marriage did not last long. Now he will take a new passion to the registry office.

Sinai widower Oleg Vinnik is going to marry on the third times

After the death of his wife and children, Oleg had several high-profile novels. A love affair with Katya Zhuzha, the star of the reality show “Dom-2”, ended in complete failure. Last year, we wrote that a man completely regrets this relationship. According to Vinnik, he was then in an inadequate condition.

Another contender for the place of his wife was 20-year-old gymnast Yana Kim, but this relationship ended in October last year.

And now, a few months later, the Petersburger met Anna Bakulina. Their communication began in social networks, and then moved into real life. The man spoke openly about his feelings for the blonde.

“I would never have believed that such a thing was even possible. I myself am shocked by my vanilla, but how I feel … ”he shared.

On Wednesday night, Vinnik decided to take a more serious step and made an offer to Anna in one of the St. Petersburg restaurants.

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