Wildly tired: the secret woman Alexandra Abdulova went to the monastery Larisa Steinman decided to give up carnal desires and learn humility.

Wildly tired: the secret woman Alexandra Abdulova went to the monastery< p> One of the brightest women of Alexander Abdulov was his secret lover – journalist Larisa Steinman, who is almost twenty years younger than the actor. These circumstances did not interfere with a two-year-long novel.

Wildly tired: secret the woman Alexandra Abdulova went to the monastery

According to Express Gazeta correspondents, Steinman has been living in the Toplovsky Convent in Crimea for three months. It has become almost impossible to discern a former socialite and mini-skirt lover in a woman in a scarf and burlap.

She herself, guessing that she would be recognized from numerous television shows dedicated to Abdulov, modestly said: “Yes, it's me. I am learning obedience and humility. I am healed. Slowly.”

Steinman also spoke about her daily routine in the monastery. The 51-year-old novice wakes up for the morning prayer, which begins at 06:00, and after an hour and a half goes to breakfast. Lunch according to the charter is provided at 11:30, and dinner at 17:00. The woman then goes to the evening prayer and goes to bed at 10:00 pm.

“Why am I here? Wildly tired. From everything. Nothing helped. Arrived for reload. Liked. I work and live like a worker, ”she admitted. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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