Сиенна Миллер встречается с режиссёром Беннетом Миллером

Miller found Miller. Actress Sienna Miller had an affair with the Director of the series “the Hunter on Fox” Bennet Millienum. The couple already have noticed watching a tennis match in July, and then in the open match of the United States of America on 11 September. Sienna and Bennett sat together and flirted from time to time being distracted by what is happening on the court. Even then, eyewitnesses said, as Sienna took the hand of Bennett, and so spent almost the entire match, not letting go of her.

Assume that 34-year-old actress and Director began to meet with party Ball costume Institute, held may 2 in the Boom Boom Room club. Then the couple noticed on the dance floor with Tom Hiddleston and Taylor swift. As everyone already knows, since Tom and Taylor managed to appear on the front pages of the tabloids and go, but Sienna and Bennett all the way.
Insiders report that the actress and Director are in no hurry to publicly announce his affair and not pushing it, but pictures speak louder than words.