Бред Питт позабыл о престарелой бабушке

Hollywood actor Brad pitt boasts a multimillion-dollar fortune, luxury real estate, a good investment and even charity, but can’t say that I had done everything in his power to ensure a happy old age her grandmother, 94-year-old Betty Russell.

“She really misses him. He never writes, never calls. I’m sure he doesn’t have time for this, but it could take at least a minute just to ask how she’s doing. He used to send flowers every month with a note now there is this. He simply forgot about it,” said sister Betty Mary Ann Leiner.
The last eight years, the grandmother of a famous actor living in a nursing home at The Rose Manor Nursing Center is the best place of this type. In the official ranking level of the institution – “much below average” because of the constant complaints of the elderly, that for them there is no adequate care, staff behaving badly, and conditions also leave much to be desired.
Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie were last at his grandmother only in 2008, but this 94-year-old woman remembers.
“I haven’t seen him since the time he married Jennifer” — said the grandmother of Nonsense, referring to the marriage of actor Jennifer aniston.
Friends of the family believe that the father Brad William pitt, you could ask his son, with 480 million state payment best nursing homes, Comte Rose Manor Nursing Center, who recently inspectors have given just one star out of five rating for health and safety.
Meanwhile, Betty herself is happy with life at the nursing home, she likes that she even has a separate room. Russell Jim Coker lives nearby and frequently visits her sister.
“She has a lot of guests, it misses. Her daughter and cousin live nearby and often visit her. With Betty all is well, looking after her. Her family loves her family, and have not forgotten about it” — said the source.