Компании Майкла Джексона обвиняют в потворстве педофилам

During the life of Michael Jackson made a real persecution and judgment, when one child said about his connection with the artist.

The singer had to justify himself and to defend himself in court, he had to endure a very unpleasant and humiliating procedure of inspection and his home, personal belongings.

It later turns out that the boy under the guidance of their parents misrepresented the musician with the aim of enriching themselves. But a huge stain on the reputation Jackson had been delivered. Not washed it till now.

Today the media has leaked new information regarding Michael and his tendencies to pedophilia.

This time, the company MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, owned by Jackson, an American choreographer Wade Robson accused of condoning pedophilia.

The guy claims that companies do two things at once: they are the music of Jackson to the masses and also attract children as new victims of Michael pedophile.

“MJJ Productions have made the most sophisticated operations in the field of sexual abuse of minors, what you can imagine,” said the plaintiff’s attorney Vince Finaldi, adding that seminvest Jacona ranch “Neverland” served as a kind of trap for children and was the gadfly of eyes for parents who brought there kids to play and have fun.”

While the plaintiff in the face of Wade Robson thinks how much money he can sue the company, representatives of the heirs of Jackson’s claim that this is the most stupid accusations, what you can think of, because even to respond to them is not necessary.