Шурыгина и ее новый избранник отдохнули на 600 тыс. в Финляндии

The relationship Diana Shurygina Denis Rebrov became known to the public last summer. Then the girl divorced her husband, and plunged into a new novel with a young entrepreneur, although at first claimed that he and Denis are just friends.

A couple showed up on several talk shows and does not hesitate to put his life on display. They have already managed to visit Bali and Israel. And after the New year Diane and Denis went to Finland for a ski resort, spending a lot of money.

Accommodation cost the guys in the 210 thousand rubles, they stayed at the hotel luxury Design Hotel Levi. You can visit the spa-zone, was also provided buffet style. However, lunch and dinner Denis and Diana went to the restaurants spent an average of around 15 thousand at a time. In an interview with StarHit, the young millionaire said that overall the trip went a little-a lot of 600 thousand rubles. However, he noted that prices of luxury food in the North country cheaper than in the Russian capital. For example, a huge three-kilogram crab cost them only twenty thousand.

Shurygin trip liked in the instagram post she said that it is unusual for her type of vacation, it usually travels to warmer climes to the sea.

It is not known how Denis Rebrov made a fortune. He has positioned himself as a successful cryptotriton, but rumor has it that he was involved in fraudulent activity. It is also known that he was previously engaged in the trade accounts. Some users find that his sponsor rich parents. Thanks to the relationship with Shurygino popular guy increased dramatically.

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