Марина Матисс рассказала о вдохновении и представила свою новую песню

Марина Матисс рассказала о вдохновении и представила свою новую песню

24 January 2020, the world heard a new single from Marina Matisse. Singer, model, musician and writer lives and works in Spain. She works with great professionals, and its producer stands Arthur Pingrey, the wards of which are SIA and sting. Marina speaks seven languages fluently and has recently written a book called “Weightlessness”. Later in the article her recent interviews, thoughts and stories about your favorite actors, inspiration and life in Spain.

Recently, the world heard her new song under the Light of Phobos. Matisse says that inspired to write this song after viewing the presentation, Elon musk. In the presentation there was a speech about that in the coming years, Elon is going to relocate to Mars permanently by several hundred people. This story was inspired Marina that she wrote the song. In it she told about the fate of a girl who decided to move to the red planet and left the Land of his beloved.

Marina says that such people and events are her primary inspiration. It just scrolls the text in your head until you sit down at a piano and not play a new song from beginning to end. Raw song without arranging it throws off his producer, who in turn evaluates the material and continues to work on him.

Marina also says that he never planned to become a model. One day she went to Madrid, and stopped her and offered to take a casting the girl for the sake of interest agreed. The path of the singer she chose another four years, it was then that she realized that it is not her job, and the business of life. She sings not because she wants but because you can’t help singing.

Matisse writes songs in Spanish, but there are works in English, it depends on my mood. As for the verses, then it is easier to Express your emotions in Russian language, for example the book “zero Gravity,” she wrote exclusively for the Russian reader.

Her only book is an autobiography. In fact, the Marina did not plan to sell it and show the world. Just one day she decided to sit down and start describing the events of his life, to pour out on paper all my pain. When the piece was written, the friends decided to read it and advised me to publish to everyone that she did.

In all his works, she takes inspiration from strong personalities that have memorable music, or role. The people whose work will remain for a long time. For example, one of such acts Freddy mercury, Salvador Dali, Alicia keys. Incidentally, the Marina is not only a popular personality inspiring, but little-known artists. For example, the original poetry of people who write not for popularity, but just because you can. Such sincere feelings cling to the singer.

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