Анджелина Джоли стала продюсером телепередачи для детей

Анджелина Джоли стала продюсером телепередачи для детей

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, his entire adult life involved in charity work. Its main directions are associated with the development and protection of children. Recently it became known that the actress is a producer of TV shows for younger viewers. The show will highlight the most topical problems faced by children all over the world.

The famous actress at the moment is the Executive producer of TV shows for children around the world. This project is called “My world” and will be broadcast by the BBC every Sunday. The duration of the show is small, just 30 minutes.

Angelina gave a short interview about the show and said that as a mother it was important for her to participate in such a large and important project. The actress said that the purpose of the transfer is the disclosure of children’s lives in different parts of the world and help to unite them.

The creators of the project hope that through the show will help children who are very active at the moment, sitting in social networks, not to stumble on content intended for adults. The first series of the show will be aimed at teaching children the correct recognition sites and different information. Also provides specific mechanisms for authentication information.

The creators believe that such information is simply necessary for small network users, as adults can easily recognize junk content that carries fake news. Children is no such understanding, so “My world” is obliged to provide them with useful knowledge in this area.

The idea of showing children from different parts of the world, will give children the opportunity to understand that they are not alone in this world. Each child has their own problems and ways of their solution. For example, aspects of bullying on the Internet, problems with the appearance or sense of shame for parents, will be affected in the TV show.

It will be recalled that just recently, on the initiative of Angelina Jolie, was created by a charitable company which was engaged in violence in conflict zones. Unfortunately, this Foundation lasted a few months and with a crash failed. Let’s hope that “My world” is not waiting for the same fate.

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